What Is The NPC Exchange?

Can you believe it? Even as we’ve become more conscious of recycling and controlling waste, millions of tons of textiles and household goods still go into the landfill every year. We’re happy to say, NP Community’s Exchange is part of the solution. Through a system of creative partnerships, NP Community has tapped into this vast potential of recycling and reusing these clothing and household items, which has grown into a 4 billion dollar per year business in the U.S.

Our focus is on supporting our Partner’s determination to generate funds to invest into local communities and community outreach. We do this by developing strong Partner relationships with non-profit organizations, local businesses, and government agencies. NP Community has developed a strong base of regional partners that work with us to collect these items as donations. Then it’s up to us to reuse, recycle, or resell.

What Do You Do With The Clothing And Household Items?

One of our mottos is, “Reuse, recycle, resell!”

Reuse – Due to the community partner relationships that NP Community has with other non-profits and agencies, we are able to help with funding and supplying of local emergency clothing pantries and other outreaches that help those in emergency or crisis situations.

Recycle – A certain amount of the items that we receive are not reusable, and therefore are recycled. This is why we are able to accept a certain portion of clothing donations of items that are torn or stained. For example, just as aluminum or cardboard are recyclable, so are fabric items. Currently, only 15-20% of these textiles are recycled. The rest just go into the landfill. Our partners help to ensure that we reduce the amount going into the landfill.

Resell – Due to huge surpluses of items donated, we could never give away or reuse it all locally. We have established relationships with buyers who purchase the excess from NP Community by the truckload.

How Can I Get Involved?

In one of two ways….

First, you can donate your gently used clothing, textiles, and household goods to one of our partners, or directly to NP Community. Donations can be tax deductible. See the link below for donation locations.

The second way to get involved is to become an NP Community Partner! This is a great opportunity for you to raise funds for your cause, help the environment, invest in local communities, and help NP Community move forward in our efforts. Click the link below to learn more about becoming an NPC Partner.

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