Getting Started As An NP Community Partner

When your organization or business decides to become a Partner in NP Community’s Exchange Program, you are not only helping to forward the mission of NP Community’s endeavor to build community and provide sustainable revenues, you are also positioning your organization to generate funds for your own mission and objectives!

Becoming a Partner is really quite simple. Allow us to explain…

As your organization becomes a Partner, you will begin to gather donated clothing and household items for collection by NP Community. NP Community then puts these donated items to use and pays you, as our Partner, a generous share in the profit.

It’s as simple as this –

  • Your organization collects clothing and household goods from donations

  • NP Community picks those items up at your location

  • We share in the profits of the reuse of those items

  • Both your organization and NP Community have resources and revenue to put back into our communities

Your organization can then use those funds to supply a local need, a program within your organization, or a cause that you feel strongly about. And, those individuals who make donations to your organization benefit by being able to participate in the success of the campaign at their local organization.

On-Site Collection Bins Lettered With Your Name

NP Community can deliver an attractive collection bin to your establishment to keep on sight in a convenient location where donations can be deposited. Our collection team regularly stops at your location and empties the collection bins. If there are multiple items that need to be picked up in the interim, no problem. Give us a call and we’ll gladly come out in between scheduled visits to pick up those extra items.

Three-Fold Plan For Partner Success:

1.  Select a “Champion” in your organization to spearhead your efforts.

We have found that it works much better when an organization has a key individual, or “Champion” assigned to lead the partnership on their end. This person can spearhead the Partner efforts and consistently keep the purpose of the donations in focus for all those involved.

2.  Plan and organize regular donation drives.

Your organization can periodically schedule a collection drive, on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. These donation drives, when promoted and organized by your organization, can be an excellent way to gather large donations and keep momentum going. We will partner with you in these drives, and our collection team will arrive at your location and take care of all the loading and transporting of the donations.

3.  Regularly promote your collection bin or donation drives.

The most significant responsibility that you will have as a Partner is to simply promote the giving and donation of items within your organization. The average person donates approximately 65 pounds of clothing and household items per year. That all changes when those same individuals are involved and educated on how their donations are making a difference and benefiting the organization that they love and support. When informed, the average weight of donated items increases to 250 pounds per year.

Another great way to generate donations is to encourage people in your community or organization to donate unsold items after garage sales, estate sales, and so on, to your organization!

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