People Before Profits!

That means more to us than a catch phrase, or a slogan. It is something that we own, and live by.

Who are we at NP Community, or Non-Profit Community?

NP Community is a unique merger of the concept of different non-profit entities, working together in concert for the betterment of local communities. We believe in community, and we believe in partnership. We also believe that there is a synergy that takes place when we partner together with our communities in mind. However, initiatives that build better communities need funding to function, and that’s where we shine.

Rather than merely depending upon donations, government support, or philanthropy, there are better ways to establish funding for the community programs so desperately needed. Working together, through our efforts, we are able to create jobs, create sustainable revenue, and foster partner relationships to provide funds for the betterment of the community, and the benefit of our environment.

So, you may ask, what is unique about the approach of NP Community? We work to achieve these objectives through a community of non-profits and businesses working in union with one another.