How It All Started

It all started in late 2013 when Noah Wheeler and Nate Augeson met at a community fund raising event for a local outreach in Rochester, MN. A conversation sparked between the two of them about a trend that is being reinvented in the United States, and around the world… Social Business!

Social Business is more than just a concept or a good idea. It is a tangible model for “doing business” in a very different way. When businesses operate as non-profits, they differ from “regular” for-profit businesses with two dramatic distinctions. First, there are no owners or shareholders. Because of that, the second difference becomes a powerful force in the community. 100% of the profits are invested back into the businesses and communities that they operate in.

From that encounter between Noah and Nate, NP Community was set in motion and has been gaining momentum ever since. We appreciate that there are many great non-profits doing wonderful things in our communities, however, most are fundraising for the same “donated” dollars. We knew there was a better way to operate and fund non-profit organizations through Social Business. Through this, we endeavor to create sustainable community funding, and invest in improving our communities.

Giving Back To The Community

We give back, by helping our partners achieve their vision. We like to say that “Their mission is our mission,” and through these partnerships we are making things happen.

In addition, we help to fund organizations who participate in helping people in the community in a variety of ways. Through developing partnerships with other non-profit organizations, local businesses, and government agencies, we are able to help in having a positive impact on the community.

Some examples of how these partner relationships are making a difference are:

  • Providing aid to people in transition from treatment facilities, jail, or prison, and helping these individuals transition into society in a healthy way by assisting with counsel, finding jobs, and assistance.

  • Aiding women that are coming out of women’s shelters by helping with their transition, finding housing, providing needed household goods, etc.

  • Assist the homeless in finding housing, facilitating food pantries, and helping the needy in our communities.